How does it work?
The Penilizer was designed to support a natural massage, known as penis jelqing.

The Penilizer is the only penis massager in the market (Patent No. US D727,526 S). The device enhances the massage because it comprises an ergonomic shape that holds and keeps the penis in position by gripping it around the base and squeezing it to make a stroking jelqing motion. The Penilizer is a real jelq device; other “devices” are simple “jar lifter” customized to make jelq tools.
The massage can be performed by stroking, squeezing and stretching a semi-flaccid penis. It will leads you you to obtain a bigger penis.
By performing these motions, more blood is forced into the chambers of the penis. Through numerous repetitions, the penis size can be maximized by causing the cells of the erectile tissue to expand when the blood is forced into them. The mechanism is called penis traction. Jelqing is certainly a powerful technique for penis enlargement.
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The Penilizer Penis Massager Jelqing Toy, does work. I am using this device on a daily basis, along with an occasional use of a penis pump, as part of an effort to increase size and erection firmness. Being an older male, I have been medically diagnosed with ED issues. The Penilizer seems to be one way to help overcome the problems associated with aging and penile health. I hope this review gives any of the rest of you suffering from the same issues, a glimmer of hope in solving such problems.
~ Ron
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